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Amazing Tips on Earthworm Farming

Amazing Tips on Earthworm Farming.So how do you go about earthworm farming?Those who are interested in this subject will want to do some research before they begins, so that they start out on the right foot from the beginning.

Amazing Tips on Earthworm Farming

Tips on Earthworm Farming
Earthworm Farming Tips

Although not the most common of business ventures, earthworm farming can be profitable, as well as interesting. Those who are interested in this subject will want to do some research before they begins, so that they start out on the right foot from the beginning.

Unlike when the old timers started, today you can easily get tips on earthworm farming. One of the first things you will learn is that you cannot just go find worms on a wet sidewalk to start up your earthworm farming enterprise. The reason is that there are many different types of worms. You find worms that burrow in the ground, others that may not reproduce fast enough to be profitable, and there are also some worms that give off a very unpleasant odor.

So how do you go about earthworm farming?

The one thing to keep in mind is that all worms do have in common is that they cannot tolerate dry conditions; plus they need an environment of alkaline pH.
Another consideration is the type of worms you get. For earthworm farming you will need the species of worms known as Red Wigglers. With these worms you will need to feed them, but they reproduce at a very fast rate. With worms that need to be fed, they will be far more likely to stay in the area where they know there will be food, so even if you do not keep these worms in a bucket, they will do well in outdoor compost piles.
To find worms for earthworm farming you can go to a pet shop, or a bait store. When full grown these worms are about 3-inches long. To begin with you will need to purchase at least 200 worms. Another option is to order the worms from companies that will sell them in bulk. The price is more reasonable but they will have to be mailed to you. You can easily find ads in magazines that focus on outdoor activities for companies selling worms in bulk.
The next step is to provide a home for your worms while you are earthworm farming. They will need some type of substance to swim around in. One popular medium is the Canadian Peat Moss; this is a good choice but can be expensive. You an also use shredded cardboard, or sawdust. You can also create a bed out of dirt, which is the least expensive alternative. The best choice is usually to use a combination of the different bed types.
To get the bed ready to accommodate worms, you will want to mix it with manure, add enough that the manure makes up about 50% of the total bed. Add just enough water so that it is moist. After preparing the bed, you will need to let the mixture set for at least two weeks. During that time the mixture will heat up. If you put your worms in before the two weeks is up, the heat will likely kill them. Let it heat up as it settles and mixes, it will then cool. At the end of the waiting period, add the worms and let them work their way into the soil.
To feed your worms all you have to do is add kitchen trash to the bed. Worms will eat everything from potato peels to shredded paper and eggshells. You will just have to be careful not to add more than what they can eat in a day, or it will spoil and kill the worm. A good rule is to add the same weight of garbage as the weight of worms in the bed.
Once you get started, earthworm farming is really a very easy hobby, and if you sell your worms you can also make a good profit.

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