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10 Amazing Facts About Ghost Know what Science say about ghosts!!!

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost Know what Science say about ghosts!!!You are not the only one who believes in ghost. Almost all of the human beings believe in ghosts, good and bad spirits.

Do you believe in ghost existence? Know what Science say about ghosts!!! 10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost
10 Amazing Facts About Ghost 

You are not the only one who believes in ghost. Almost all of the human beings believe in ghosts, good and bad spirits. We assume that these spiritual creatures live in some unknown demesne. Paranormal studies show that the ghosts are the most familiar creature among the human beings.

1.Ghosts and religions

Ghosts are the major subject of paranormal studies. Even in different religion books, there are many stories about ghosts. In the Bible, it is declared that there are spirits that are good and evil. Man has to die once and that to further the Day of Judgment.

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

Jewish community thinks that ghosts do exist. Once a person dies, there is a possibility that the departed soul can remain on Earth for the comfort of those people who mourn.
10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

In Islam, it is believed that ghost exists and they have a “free will”. They can choose from right or wrong. They are created from Fire and cannot be seen by human beings.
Communications with ghosts.

Ghost studies are very popular. People also relate ghosts to the death experience, a man and ghost communications and another life after death. Man also loves to tell ghost stories to others as if he has communicated with them. Many psychic patents claimed that they have spoken to the dead ones. These people are usually declared fraudulent.

Ghost hunting has become a “hobby” for the world. In ancient times, man believed that the spirits of dead ones also live in this world with the family. Most people believe in ghosts because they claim to sense something unexplainable and called it “eccentric presence”. However, this is not conceivable.

2.What Life Science says about ghosts?

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

We may have some ghost personal experiences, but the matter of fact is that, there is no physical existence of ghosts on Earth. There is no definition of “ghost”. Millions of people consider that ghosts are the “half part” of a soul of the dead one. This is also believed that ghosts are the poor souls that are lost on this Earth for unknown reasons. Some people trust in ghosts as a telepathic entity that only exists in our minds.

3.Ghosts are categorized…

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost
Ghosts are categorized by some unique categories. Not all ghosts are the same. They differ in many different ways. There are some intelligent ghosts, residual ghosts, poltergeists and most amazingly, the Shadow People.

4.Researches about ghosts

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

Researches are being made about if ghosts have physical existence or not. If they can cross the solid objects without breaking them. People try to figure out wither ghosts can shut the door or if they can drink the water from bedside glass. Is this logically possible for ghosts wear human’s clothes or use some accessories like hat, sunglasses and canes. What transport medium they use? Cars? Trains?

5.Why can’t ghost solve murder cases?

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

There is a question in my brain. If ghosts are the souls of dead ones that are wandering on Earth for some reasons, then why there are unsolved murder cases. Their ghosts should do something in solving their cases.

6.Ghosts and the ghost hunters….

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

Ghost hunters claim to be the scientist because of their work, they use scientific apparatus. They usually use Electromagnetic field detectors, infrared cameras, Geiger counters, high quality sensors and microphones. Though, not a single ghost hunter had seen a ghost ever…

7.Ghost hunters and their lame excuses!!!

Most of the ghost hunters say that the reason behind their unsuccessful search is inappropriate and lack of technology. They could find the existence of ghosts, if they could get right technology. So, those who claim that they captured a ghost in their photographs lie because ghost shows no physical appearance.

8.Controversial ghost science!!

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

A sector of people believes that ghost existence can be explained through modern physics. They claim that Einstein mass energy relation can be a solid proof of ghost existence. They argue that according to Einstein, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can alter its form. Then what happen to a human body when he dies? They believe that, this energy is a ghost in actual.

9.But, scientifically, it is impossible….

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

Because, when a person dies, his energy gets converted into the heat energy and get released into the environment. There is no energy left from animals, plants and bacteria absorption. Secondly, if we consider that ghosts are real and can be detected scientifically through experiments, then there is no need for ghosts hunters to do their unrealistic job. Why do those ghost hunters waste their time with cameras and flash lights?

10.Ghost are real or not?

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

Finally, we can say that nothing can explain a “ghost” as they have no physical existence. There are two reasons for that we cannot explain a ghost.

1- Ghosts do not exist. If they do, they might have been seen by someone. All theories about ghosts are either controversial or hoaxes.

2- Ghost exists, but human beings are incapable of getting a proof of their existence.

But, All of the above, WE ALL LOVE GHOST STORIES!!!!!

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