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Stress may not be very Friendly. Check out the Health Problems you may encounter.

Stress may not be very Friendly. Check out the Health Problems you may encounter.Headache Problem,getting abnormally fat,Severe Migraines, Anxiety & Depression

Stress may not be very Friendly. Check out the Health Problems you may encounter

Stress may not be very Friendly.
Stress may Not be Very Friendly
Stress may not be very Friendly. Check out the Health Problems you may encounter.

Headache Problem 

Many times you may have noticed a certain headache when you are stressed out or you have to go through tension regarding something big. This is very common with people who take light things heavy on them.
Stress may not be very Friendly
Even running into an old high school friend can be as much stressful. So the thing highlighted over here is that stress can be the cause of not only slight illness but massive diseases too. Well, didn’t see that one coming. Get to know what and how you can end up living a stressful life and what serious damage it can cause.

Wondering why you are getting abnormally fat?
Stress may not be very Friendly
Abnormally Fat

Fat on the belly and around the back can make you look really bad. It doesn’t count being slim from the upper part of your body because you still look fat around the bottom. This happens due to overload of stress and thinking too much about something. Sit back on the couch and relax. Why so serious? The reason why this happens is too much of cortisol hormone production in your body when you take excess stress. The hormone production gets transferred to the abdomen of the body and causes excess fat.

Getting Severe Migraines
Stress may not be very Friendly
Severe migraines

The very first thing any stressful thing triggers is headaches and migraines. Taking things too much on the nerves can become dangerous as it can cause heavy migraines. Getting these quite frequently also ends up in short term memory. You may start forgetting things a lot.

Hold on with your stress as it invites Anxiety & Depression
Stress may not be very Friendly
Anxiety & Depression

Everyone here knows that stress is the major cause of depression and anxiety among people. Who doesn’t know that? Studies show that people who stress over their job and even education have more than 75% risk of emerging into depression and anxiety in a few years. Along with this, your stomach may also face upsetting changes.

Slow down with that Aging
Stress may not be very Friendly

What many people don’t emphasize on is that stress not only can internally change you but it can also bring about tweaks in your physical appearance. You don’t want to look older than your age, right? Taking stress over your work or children’s health can lead mothers and father under high level of stresses which causes unnecessary aging. The aging can be from surplus nine to seventeen years. If this carries on for too long, the person may face premature death too.

Don’t let stress tug your Brain
Stress may not be very Friendly
Alzheimer Disease
Your brain’s condition might become worse with heavy stress. Studies have shown that people who take excess stress might suffer from Alzheimer’s disease which causes additional formation of brain lesions rapidly. Stress reduction can reduce the effect of the disease.

Easy Things to Help Overcome Stress

Stress causing real time health issues needs to be taken down. Read on to the steps that can help you prevent from over stressing yourself.

Keep check on your “Present”

Every time you stress is either due to something you have done in your past or about something that is going to happen in the future. Stop right there. You cannot change situation according to your preferences nor can you time travel to make things right. Live in the moment and be thankful over what you have right now.amazing-moment-6

Stay positive

We always get stressed over the things that we have lost and the things we can’t have. Why do that? It doesn’t bring you any joy thinking of it. Or does it? So be grateful to what you have and think of the happy moments when you feel low. Lean towards the brighter side of life. You comprehend what they state, "if life give you lemons, cut them down the middle and crush them in individuals' eyes".

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