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Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

In this Blog there is Amazing Facts of Our Solar System. Our good old Solar System is actually a pretty bizarre place, what with all its out-of-this-world phenomena that we humans haven’t managed to explain yet.

Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

Our good old Solar System is actually a pretty bizarre place, what with all its out-of-this-world phenomena that we humans haven’t managed to explain yet There are rumors that a gigantic, undiscovered planet is hiding behind Neptune, volcanoeson .Pluto spew ice, and a colossal canyon on Mars. Well, let’s figure out if its true by talking about the most mystifying Solar System facts.
    Amazing Facts of Our Solar System
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

1.The Solar System is 4.6 billion years old So old, it’s a Senior Solar System Scientists came to this conclusion after they studied the oldest material they managed to get a hold of  and by that, I mean meteorites.

2.You won’t be able to wear a hat on Venus. Ever. And try just to stand on your feet The planet is insanely windy - its upper winds blow 50 times faster than the planet rotates What more, these fierce winds never stop and can even get stronger with time.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

3.You’ll have to travel 11 billion miles away from Earth before even leaving the Solar System. You’ve probably heard of methane gas, a byproduct of natural processes, such as volcanicactivity and cows? Anyway, this gas is not only a part of the Martian atmosphere, but also the thing that confuses astronomers to The thing is that the volume of methane on Mars keeps wavering, and scientists just can’t figure out where it might be coming from Can there be cows on Mars?
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

4.As you may remember, Pluto used to be a planet but was stripped of this title in 2006.Later, it was reclassified as a dwarf planet but the most unexpected fact about this heavenly body is that its distance across is littler than that of the US. See for yourself: the greatest distance across the country (from Maine to Northern California) is about 2,800 miles As for Pluto, it only 1,473 miles across.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

5.The Planet Uranus or Uranus either way rotates on its side, and astronomers have no idea why the planet has chosen such an unusual position. The culprits could be ancient mega-powerful collisions; but so far, it just a theory. By the way, this is the only planet laying on its side.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

6.Our Sun is madly monstrous Want some confirmation? Well, 99.86% of all the mass in the Solar System is the mass of the Sun - in particular, the hydrogen and helium it made of. The remaining 0.14% is mostly the mass of the Solar System eight planets.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

7.Earth might not be the only tectonically active planet in the Solar System. Astronomers have spotted some land forms looking like cliffs on Mercury If it so, the tectonic activity could explain the rapid shrinking of the planet.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

8.Behind the orbit of Neptune, lies the mysterious Kuiper Belt, filled with massive icy objects The most inquisitive thing about this space development, however, is that researchers can't clarify the example of its development.The main clarification they have is that Neptune may be concealing a ginormous planet from our sight This theoretical planet has just got the name Planet Nine,and we should simply hold up until its reality is affirmed or not.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

9.Volcanoes on Earth are as different from those on Pluto as fire and ice and I mean it While we have volcanoes spilling lava on our planet, the volcanoes on Pluto spit... ice When frozen, water expands, and this enormous pressure builds up until one day bang the ice erupts. In the process, a new cryovolcano gets formed.

10.One of Saturn moons, Lapetus, has a unique color – it two-toned. One of its hemispheres is light, and the other is eerily dark. Scientists haven’t figured out this mystery yet.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System
Saturn Moon Lapetus

11.There’s another weird thing about Pluto, or rather, about its atmosphere. First, it rises way higher above the surface of the dwarf planet than, for example, the Earth atmosphere. What more, the atmosphere on Pluto has more than 20 layers, and all of them are super cold and very condensed.

12.The Sun that were the inhabitants of the red-hot ball of light approximately 93 million miles away from earth The thing is that the Sun atmosphere stretches far beyond its visible surface and our planet is right within its reach in fact, it’s the gusts of solar wind that create the breathtaking phenomenon known as the Northern and Southern lights.

13.The ocean on Jupiter is larger than any other on the rest of the Solar System planets. But wait It not the type of ocean you’re thinking about the one on Jupiter isn’t made of water this mesmerizing thing consists of metallic hydrogen, and its depth is a staggering 25,000 miles, which is almost the same as the circumference of the Earth.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System

14.The Sun atmosphere is hotter than the surface of the star. While on the surface, the temperatures reach 10,000 degrees F, the upper atmosphere heats up to millions of degrees Scientists suspect that explosive bursts of heat from the sun might have something to do with this one of a kind marvel.

15.People came to know about Saturn beautiful rings in the 1600s. But only recently, it became apparent that Saturn isn’t the only ringed planet. All the giant gas planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter, have rings of their own, but they’re thin and almost impossible to see With respect to Mars, Venus, and Earth: they're made of rough materials and have no rings.

16.Our Solar System isn’t the only one in the Milky Way Galaxy. Far from it, the galaxy we live in houses about 100 billion solar systems And if that’s just our galaxy alone, can you imagine how many are in the whole Universe?

17.At any given moment, here on Earth, you can stumble across a rock that arrived from Mars. After researchers investigated the synthetic substance of certain shooting stars found in the Sahara Desert Antarctica, and different places on our planet, they came to the shocking conclusion that they have a Martian origin.

18.Since Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, many people simply assume that it also the hottest. And that where they get it wrong because, in fact, Venus (which is about 30 million miles further from the Sun than Mercury) is way hotter The thing is that Venus has an amazingly thick air, which is multiple times denser than the one we have on Earth in addition, this air comprises primarily of carbon dioxide also known as a greenhouse gas. These variables make the temperatures on the planet ascend to a stunning 875 degrees F, which is sufficiently hot to dissolve lead with respect to Mercury, its maximum temperatures reach only 800 degrees F.

19.Jupiter moon, Lo, exists in never-ending chaos due to hundreds of smoking volcanoes on its surface. You’ll see the smoke from these volcanoes billowing up high into Lo atmosphere.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System
Jupiter Moon

20.The most enormous volcano in the whole Solar System (at least, that we know of) is on Mars The size of this monster is almost as great as the state of Arizona, and its stature is as large as that of Mount Everest How did it develop this immense? The answer is simple – there’s much less gravity on Mars in comparison with our planet.

21.Even if you’re a tiny celestial body, you can still have a moon of your own. In 1993, the Galileo test was going past a small scale space rock that was close to 20 miles across, and discovered that the little thing had a 1-mile-wide moon. Since then, astronomers have found tons of moons orbiting minor planets in our Solar System.

22.The valley called VallesMarineris, on Mars, is more than 10 times larger than Earths Grand Canyon and it another thing that puzzles astronomers - after all, Mars isn’t a planet with active plate tectonics.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System
Mars Valle

23.On the surface of Jupiter, there’s a weird region that called the Great Red Spot. Recently, astronomers have concluded that this spot is actually a storm that’s been raging on the planet for centuries but some 20 years ago, scientists noticed that the red region started to shrink. Nowadays, it just half the size it used to be. Furthermore still the spot is one and a half times greater than Earth.
Amazing Facts of Our Solar System
Great Red Spot

Do you know some other abnormal realities about our Solar System that I've missed? Then let me know down in the comments.

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