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Saturday, 1 February 2020

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Friday, 31 January 2020

Top 10 scary places on earth

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Top 10 scary places on earth you ought to never visit

10. Poveglia Island This place has centuries of horrible history. Like this place is perhaps scarier then my statement . Poveglia island is off the coast of italy and through the plague they might send sick people there to die. If you dont know the plague , it exhausted 25 million people, it makes an e coli outbreak appear to be a nasty hangover. They would do that to quarantine the sick, and when the island got too populated they might burn anyone who was dead or on the brink of death. Its believed that over one hundred thousand people died on the island. So thats probably enough, but wait theres more! In the early 20th century they built an insane asylum on the island I’m assuming so the ghost from the plague would finally have someone to talk to. But this wasn’t so much a place where people would go to get treated, it was more a place for them to get exiled from the rest of humanity. Theres even rumors that one of the head psychiatrist working on the island was performing all sorts of twisted experiments on the patients. That’s until he killed himself by jumping off the tower . They island is now pack up and entry is forbidden. Many of the locals think that the island is cursed.
Top 10 scary places on earth
 Poveglia Island
9. The Paris catacombs the paris catacombs which house the bodies of around 6 million people. If your wondering why back in the 16th century paris had an overflow of corpses and needed somewhere to chuck them so they started to dump them in an abandoned quarry. This seems like when my room is messy so instead of actually cleaning it up I just throw everything in the closet. It took them around 14 year to transfer all the bodies from cemeteries to there new home under the city. Also the Catacombs are just one part of over 200 miles of passages under the city. This really makes Paris so much less romantic.
Top 10 scary places on earth
The Paris Catacombs
8. Hoia Bachu forest Hoia Bachu forest is in Romania and is called the most haunted forest in the world. The place is massive, it covers well over 250 hectares. Strange things are constantly happening in this place, people say they’ve seen ghost, taken pictures where disembodied faces appear, theyll hear voices and giggling. People who enter also will show signs of physical harm like, rashes, cuts, burses, burns and nausea. Many locals are too. And if you don’t believe ghost what about aliens. There have been several photos of ufo’s flying over the forest and some people have said they’ve seen floating balls of light appear out of nowhere. Theres even a neighborhood within the forest where no vegetation will grow, that forms an almost perfect circle. There have been some test done on this mysterious circle and it has shown slightly higher levels of radiation. This could be because a ufo landed there and thats why nothing grows.
Top 10 scary places on earth
Hoia Bachu Forest
7. Eastern State Penitentiary Pennsylvania The old abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania used to be one of the most horrible prisons on earth. Anyone who was sent to this prison would be permanently kept is solitary confinement. You couldn't make friends, talk to people, you couldn't buy prison cigarettes.Really takes all the fun out of prison. They would go as far as making the prisoners wear masks if they were ever transported somewhere so nobody could recognize their faces. As a punishment some prisoners would be forced to sit in the mad chair, where you would be strapped down and left their for days without food. Sometimes the straps were facined so tight that limbs would need to be amputated. Since the closure of the prison there are many reported ghostly encounters. Of from a previous caretaker who said he was once grabbed by an unknown force so tight he could move and he saw distorted faces appear all over the walls.
Top 10 scary places on earth
Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania 

6. Waverly Hills Sanitorium Back in 1910 there was a tuberculosis epidemic that was sweeping through america. Hundreds if people were dying everyday so in Louisville Kentucky they thought about building a sanctuary where everyone could get better. Spoiler alert, it didnt work. Almost everyone who got sent up to the Waverly Hills Sanitorium died, approximately sixty three thousand people died up there. When things were at there worst its said that someone was dying every hour. They had so many dead bodies that the hospital couldnt get them out fast enough and had to start keeping them in the cold storage in the kitchen. Since this lovely little getaways closure there have been many paranormal investigators that have gone to check for ghost and this place is a gold mine. Not only has there been countless sightings but a reoccuring beast referred to as the creeper. Its said to be a person that runs so high-low-jack and has no face.

Top 10 scary places on earth
Waverly Hills Sanitorium
5. Area 51 this is often probably the foremost famous one on the list. Area 51 is of course the top secret american military base that is the middle of the dessert out in Nevada. , I would rather lose my life saving in a game of blackjack then find out aliens are real and then get killed for it. The thing is no one really knows what goes on in area 51 but there have been many leaks. The biggest are that the united states uses this base to keep and test alien technology and that they have living aliens there which they experiment on. Theres even rumors that Area 51 has been compromised by they aliens that were being held there and now control it. Shifting the direction of humankind with their new found power. But Like I said I dont know and that i dont wanna know.
Top 10 scary places on earth
 Area 51
4. Snake island snake island right off the cost of sao paulo brazil and this place lives up to it reputation. There approximately 1 snake for each 10 square feet of land and that they arent harmless garden snakes. Most of the snakes on the island are vipers know for being veminous and have a number of the most important fangs. Snake island wont to be connected to the mainland and was just a daily old place, on the other hand a flood disconnected it. A large amount of snakes were isolated.
Top 10 scary places on earth
Snake island
3. Seguin Island Off the coast of main i Seguin Island, its approximately 64 acres and is nearly completely abandoned. It has some visitors here and there but almost no one lives on the island. So if you ended up shipwrecked here or if some crazed killer was on the island and wanted to chop you up there would be a good chance that no one would ever find you. But thats not even the creepiest part about this place. Its home to one of the oldest lighthouses in history. No one has lived in the building for quite sometime but it said when people come to visit it there have been many ghost sightings. Some people say they will hear a touch girls laughter and a piano playing. There have also been sightings of a ghostly old man who gets furious because all of his furniture is gone. The audacity of some people, you die for 100 years and that they just start moving all of your stuff out.
Top 10 scary places on earth
Seguin Island
2. Miyakejima Island the people of Miyakejima island must have not got the memo because they all live at the base of a volcano. Every resident who lives there must own a gas mask because there at constant risk of being covered during a giant cloud of deadly ash. This is how it gots its nickname, gas mask island. Also you if you make risky choice to move to the base of an active volcano you should get used to the sound of sirens. There are Sirens all over the island that will screech out to tell you its time to put on your gas mask.
Top 10 scary places on earth
Miyakejima Island
1. Island of the dolls The island of the dolls is located in mexico just south of mexico city. The story behind this american girl store meets house of a thousand corpses is there was one man who lived on the tiny island. One day he found a girls body floating within the river and shortly faraway from it had been a doll which he suspected belonged to the small girl. He then hung the women doll from a tree as how to calm her spirit and continued to try to to so with every doll he could find. The twisted end to the present story is that this man was eventually found dead shortly from where the women body was found.

Top 10 scary places on earth
                                    Dolls Island

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Top 6 amazing Dinosaurs

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Top 6 amazing Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs dominated our planet during the Mesozoic, 251 to 65 million years ago (mya), a time that we split into the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Great Changes took place in the Mesozoic. Many new plant and animal groups appeared, but there were also mass extinctions. They are separated into two groups according to the structure of the pelvis: ornithischian (bird-hipped) dinosaurs had a pubis that slanted backwards; had a forward slanting pubis. Instances of dinosaurs from sub-bunches inside these two principle bunches are demonstrated as follows.

1. Sauropoda
Top 6 amazing Dinosaurs

The giant plant-eating sauropods are famous for their incredibly long necks. Experts have argued for decades about how these dinosaurs held up their necks, and what they used them for. We now know that sauropod necks were remarkably light for their size, and were probably held in raised postures.

  • Advantages of long neck
  • It allows you to reach higher up into the trees than other herbivores, and so avoid competition for food.
  • You can reach a large area without moving muck, so you can save energy.
  • The size of your neck can show how strong and healthy you are, and make you more attractive to mates.
  • You can use your neck as a weapon for fighting enemies or competitors.
  • A long windpipe can make super-loud noises that travel vast distances.

2. Tyrannosaurus
Top 6 amazing Dinosaurs

Gint megalosauroids and allosauroids were some of most successful predators of the Jurassic and Creataceous periods. Some were even larger than T rex! They ambushed prey with killer bites.One gathering of megalosauroids, the spinosaurids, were long-snouted fish-eaters.

  • Most big theropods had a deep, narrow snout, with air-filled sacs along each side.
  • Theropods had an excellent sense of smell.
  • All theropods had V-shaped wishbone, perhaps to provide strength to the chest.
  • The arms were stout with large muscles.
  • Most theropods had three large, clawed fingers. Some had a fourth, clawless finger.
  • Most theropods had four toes. The first tow was small, however, and didn’t reach the ground.
  • The tail was solid, strong, and utilized for balance.

3. Stegosaurus
Top 6 amazing Dinosaurs

During the Jurassic and Cretaceous, a group of dinosaurs called thyreophorans evolved For all intents and purposes all thyreophorans were four-legged plant-eaters that ate low-developing plants. What made thyreophorans unusual was that they possessed rows of armoured plates (scutes) that ran along their necks, back, and tails.

  • Facts about stegosaurus
  • Stegosaurus’s small, narrow skull could only house a small brain.
  • Its plates were probably brightly colored and used for display, to intimidate rivals, and to attract mates.
  • Its plates were too fragile to be armor and lacked enough blood vessels to be able to control body temperature.
  • Its throat was covered with button like scutes called ossicles.
  • Huge shoulder muscles allowed Stegosaurus to quickly turn, when whipping its tail.
  • Stegosaurus had two pairs of long tail spikes for self-defense.
  • All thyreophorans, including this huayangosaurus, had beaklike mouths.
  • Unlike most reptiles, thyreophorans had cheeks.
  • Stegosaur skulls were long and narrow. The animals were picky feeders, choosing the best leaves and fruit.

4. Maniraptorans
Top 6 amazing Dinosaurs

Birds evolved during the Jurassic from small, feathered dinosaurs called manira[torans. Many maniraptorans were so birdlike that it would have been hard to tell these animals apart when they were alive. They had downy feathers for warmth, and showy plumage for display.

  • Maniraptorans had relatively large brains for dinosaurs. They used the brain For processing sensory information, not for thinking!
  • The eyes were huge, and maniraptorans had astounding visual perception.
  • Maniraptorans had three-fingered hands. The thumb was the shortest finger.
  • Oviraptors and birds evolved shortened tails.
  • Of the four toes, the first was short and did not reach the ground.
  • In bird, the firs toe was longer- useful for perching and grabbing prey.

5. Pterosaurs
Top 6 amazing Dinosaurs

Pterosaurs were not dinosaurs, but close relatives. They ruled the air while dinosaurs dominated life on land. Recent discoveries have dominated life on land. Recent discoveries have shed new light on these remarkable reptiles – including how they flew and what foods they ate.

6. Ichthyosaurs
Top 6 amazing Dinosaurs

Ichthyosaurs were marine reptiles with streamlined bodies, paddlelike limbs, pointed snouts, and a tail fin. Some looked like swordfish, some were deep-diving squid-eaters with huge eyes, and some were giant, sharp-toothed predators. Despite their success, they died out before the end of the Cretaceous, perhaps because of competition from new sharks.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost Know what Science say about ghosts!!!

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Do you believe in ghost existence? Know what Science say about ghosts!!! 10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost
10 Amazing Facts About Ghost 

You are not the only one who believes in ghost. Almost all of the human beings believe in ghosts, good and bad spirits. We assume that these spiritual creatures live in some unknown demesne. Paranormal studies show that the ghosts are the most familiar creature among the human beings.

1.Ghosts and religions

Ghosts are the major subject of paranormal studies. Even in different religion books, there are many stories about ghosts. In the Bible, it is declared that there are spirits that are good and evil. Man has to die once and that to further the Day of Judgment.

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

Jewish community thinks that ghosts do exist. Once a person dies, there is a possibility that the departed soul can remain on Earth for the comfort of those people who mourn.
10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

In Islam, it is believed that ghost exists and they have a “free will”. They can choose from right or wrong. They are created from Fire and cannot be seen by human beings.
Communications with ghosts.

Ghost studies are very popular. People also relate ghosts to the death experience, a man and ghost communications and another life after death. Man also loves to tell ghost stories to others as if he has communicated with them. Many psychic patents claimed that they have spoken to the dead ones. These people are usually declared fraudulent.

Ghost hunting has become a “hobby” for the world. In ancient times, man believed that the spirits of dead ones also live in this world with the family. Most people believe in ghosts because they claim to sense something unexplainable and called it “eccentric presence”. However, this is not conceivable.

2.What Life Science says about ghosts?

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

We may have some ghost personal experiences, but the matter of fact is that, there is no physical existence of ghosts on Earth. There is no definition of “ghost”. Millions of people consider that ghosts are the “half part” of a soul of the dead one. This is also believed that ghosts are the poor souls that are lost on this Earth for unknown reasons. Some people trust in ghosts as a telepathic entity that only exists in our minds.

3.Ghosts are categorized…

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost
Ghosts are categorized by some unique categories. Not all ghosts are the same. They differ in many different ways. There are some intelligent ghosts, residual ghosts, poltergeists and most amazingly, the Shadow People.

4.Researches about ghosts

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

Researches are being made about if ghosts have physical existence or not. If they can cross the solid objects without breaking them. People try to figure out wither ghosts can shut the door or if they can drink the water from bedside glass. Is this logically possible for ghosts wear human’s clothes or use some accessories like hat, sunglasses and canes. What transport medium they use? Cars? Trains?

5.Why can’t ghost solve murder cases?

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

There is a question in my brain. If ghosts are the souls of dead ones that are wandering on Earth for some reasons, then why there are unsolved murder cases. Their ghosts should do something in solving their cases.

6.Ghosts and the ghost hunters….

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

Ghost hunters claim to be the scientist because of their work, they use scientific apparatus. They usually use Electromagnetic field detectors, infrared cameras, Geiger counters, high quality sensors and microphones. Though, not a single ghost hunter had seen a ghost ever…

7.Ghost hunters and their lame excuses!!!

Most of the ghost hunters say that the reason behind their unsuccessful search is inappropriate and lack of technology. They could find the existence of ghosts, if they could get right technology. So, those who claim that they captured a ghost in their photographs lie because ghost shows no physical appearance.

8.Controversial ghost science!!

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

A sector of people believes that ghost existence can be explained through modern physics. They claim that Einstein mass energy relation can be a solid proof of ghost existence. They argue that according to Einstein, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can alter its form. Then what happen to a human body when he dies? They believe that, this energy is a ghost in actual.

9.But, scientifically, it is impossible….

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

Because, when a person dies, his energy gets converted into the heat energy and get released into the environment. There is no energy left from animals, plants and bacteria absorption. Secondly, if we consider that ghosts are real and can be detected scientifically through experiments, then there is no need for ghosts hunters to do their unrealistic job. Why do those ghost hunters waste their time with cameras and flash lights?

10.Ghost are real or not?

10 Amazing Facts About Ghost

Finally, we can say that nothing can explain a “ghost” as they have no physical existence. There are two reasons for that we cannot explain a ghost.

1- Ghosts do not exist. If they do, they might have been seen by someone. All theories about ghosts are either controversial or hoaxes.

2- Ghost exists, but human beings are incapable of getting a proof of their existence.

But, All of the above, WE ALL LOVE GHOST STORIES!!!!!

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Amazing Quick Guide to Earthworm Reproduction System

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Earthworm Reproduction

A Quick Guide to Earthworm Reproduction

Earthworm Reproduction
Earthworm Reproduction

Earthworm reproduction is a lot more complicated than anyone might suspect. Especially since earthworms are hermaphrodites. A hermaphrodite possesses the ability to produce both male and female cells, meaning they produce both sperm and eggs. Usually, an animal which is a hermaphrodite, is able to reproduce within themselves, without the need of assistance from others.
But earthworm production is quite different. Even though an earthworm has male and female sex organs, they need another worm to reproduce. When two earthworms do mate they release sperm to one another. Each earthworm actually has two sperm receptacles, so each receives two exchanges of sperms.

Temperatures must be just right for earthworm reproduction. The ideal is around fifty-five degrees, allowing earthworms to mate in the spring or fall. Earthworms cannot see or hear but know that another worm is present by ground vibrations. Sometimes they literally bump into one another. Very often worms live beside one another in burrows so another worm is often close by.

Usually mating in earthworms happens after a rain when the ground surface is wet. While some worms do travel to find one another, others simply stick their behinds, or anterior portions, out of their burrows. Mating is accomplished through the joining of this portion of their bodies, which remains connected while the earthworm’s heads are pointed in opposing directions.

If you are finicky about worms, you will probably not be impressed by the amount of mucous needed for earthworm reproduction. Each worm releases mucous until a slimy tube is created. When sperm is released, it travels back into this tube until it reaches the sperm receptacles. Each contains a sac where the sperm is stored. Once the transfer of sperm has been made and the sacs are full, each earthworm goes back to his burrow. The process of egg fertilization takes place later. The entire process of sperm transfer can take over two hours.

Mucous is also the propelling force when eggs and sperm are united. The sexual openings are located in a glandular space named the clitellum. As it comes time for the laying of eggs, this gland produces a ring of mucous. This ring literally moves over the body of the worm. It goes past the oviducts and collects eggs which are in a special fluid, known as albumen. Then the mucous passes over the sperm receptacles and the sperm are released.

This mucous is the place where the eggs are fertilized. It slides off the rear end of the worm and each end is then closed to make a small cocoon to protect the eggs. This cocoon of eggs is dropped into the soil. The eggs which are now fertilized develop into baby worms inside the cocoon. The young eat the albumen to gain nourishment in the same way other animals get milk from their mothers. Earthworms grow quickly and when they are large enough and the environmental conditions are right, they will break out of the cocoon.
Earthworm reproduction can take around sixty days but it is not a sure thing. For the cocoon to open, there has to be the presence of just the right amount of a certain bacteria in the soil. If this is not present, no eggs will hatch and the cocoon will just become dormant. If there is no chance of survival, the young worms will simply not emerge.

These cocoons are deposited well below frost line so that the ground will be warmer. Once the baby earthworm have emerged, it will take anywhere from two to four years for them to grow to adult sexual maturity and reproduce on their own.

Monday, 6 January 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Earthworms

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Raising Earthworms

A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Earthworms

Raising earthworms can prove to be a profitable and fulfilling practice. Not only can you raise earthworms to sell as fishing bait, but you can also use them as a food source for other animals you may have, such as chickens, birds, or lizards. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about raising earthworms as a beginner.
The first thing you need to learn about raising earthworms is the amount of time and responsibility you will need to dedicate to them. The soil must be maintained to provide the optimum amount of moisture as well as oxygen. The temperature should also be maintained to a comfortable degree. However, other than getting the “farm” set up initially, and maintaining the water, food, and temperature levels, there isn’t a great deal left for you to do.

The first things you will need to do is buy the “equipment” needed to set up your earthworm farm. The amount and type of equipment you use is completely dependent upon how large you want your farm to be and where you are going keep it. Your farm can exist either outdoors or indoors, but there will be different responsibilities associated with both scenarios. Either way, you have to start off with a bin or an enclosure for your worms. The size of the enclosure needs to be fairly roomy, but that too is subject to how many worms you start out with. If your worm bin is going to be placed outside, try to keep it out of direct sunlight. This not only prevents the soil from becoming too warm in the summer but sunlight can put worms in danger of drying out. Wood makes a very good material for the structure as it allows plenty of oxygen into the bin. As plastic is not very good at aerating the soil, it is recommended that you steer clear of this material. Many people find that having a wide container with a short width allows much more oxygen flow in the soil as opposed to a deep bucket, which would restrict airflow deep in the container, where the worms are most likely found.
The next item on the list is soil. The soil you use should be fairly good quality to produce optimum breeding among your earthworms. You want something that has very little clay or sand present—mostly a good brown dirt will suffice. Fill the container about two thirds of the way up with your chosen soil. Now, you need to prepare the soil for the earthworms, and that means adding food. Many people are unaware that earthworms actually feed off of the microorganisms that are present in the soil. You can add these microorganisms by mixing carrot and apple peels, lettuce, and grass cuttings to the soil. Give it a good mix so that the earthworms are encouraged to spread out. The soil will need to be covered with something to keep the light out. A good layer of leaves or grass cuttings work well for this, but you can also use cardboard.

Now it is time to add the worms. The type of worm you choose to farm is completely up to you. Red worms are most popular if you plan to sell the soil. If you want to sell your worms as fishing bait, look into purchasing or hunting for common night crawlers. Adding your worms to their new home is a simple process—just dump them onto the soil.

You will need to maintain the moisture and temperature levels, as we mentioned before. If your farm is located outside and you notice that the soil has become downright wet, then add some dry soil to it. Your worms can die if the soil is too wet. If the soil has become too dry, just add water to it. As for the temperature, you can place a tarp over the bin in an attempt to keep the soil a bit warmer. Ideally, worms are at their best when the temperature is between 60 – 70 degrees F.
After a few months, the soil should be great for “harvesting” as enriched planting soil. Simply scoop up the dirt, pick out the worms, and place it in a bag or container. If you want to harvest the worms, you should wait spring—after the worm farm is at least a year old. Be careful not to take out ALL of the adult worms, as this can sometimes leave an overabundance of baby worms that are simply too young to reproduce. 

As you can see, the initial investment isn’t very large if you’re looking for a small scale farm, and the work isn’t overly enduring, either. Raising earthworms is definitely something you can do in conjunction with another job or aside from other work you have going on. Congratulations on your new endeavor and best of luck, farmer.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Essential Facts about Earthworm Farms

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Essential Facts about Earthworm Farms

Essential Facts about Earthworm Farms
Essential Facts about Earthworm Farms

Although cultivating earthworm farms might sound similar to owning a pet rock or investing in a flea circus, there are actually some very good benefits to raising and fostering earthworms. In fact, you might be surprised at how useful these creatures really are.

There are many reasons to nurture earthworm farms. Some people use the earthworms for fishing purposes and even sell the worms for this reason. Others like to use them to create good quality soil. Still, others raise earthworms to use in compost piles, since earthworms can help get rid of kitchen scraps. Raising earthworms can also be a good way to teach children about responsibility, ecology, and biology.
When operating earthworm farms, Red Wigglers are usually the preferred earthworms of choice. They need to be fed, which means that they won’t wander off very far, and they reproduce quickly. Red Wigglers can be purchased in bait stores and pet shops and can be bought by the hundreds.

Earthworms can also be purchased by the pound. Although you might get more earthworms this way, you will also have to wait for them to arrive since most of the time the ordering is done by mail.

People who raise their earthworms in compost piles do not generally need containers. However, for those who are raising earthworms for bait or other reasons, containers are desired. There are a variety of containers that can be used for this purpose. Some ideas include ice cream cartons, shoe boxes, wooden boxes, and even old plastic swimming pools, depending on the kind of farm that you wish to cultivate.
If you are placing your container outside, you should ensure that it has drainage so that the excess water can get out. Although earthworms desire moisture, it is also possible to make them too wet.

All earthworm farms need to try to recreate the natural habitat of the earthworms. Peat Moss is sometimes used in the containers because it is lightweight and the worms are able to swim around in it. However, some people also use leaves, dirt, and even shredded paper.  Whatever you use for bedding, it should be mixed with anywhere from 25% to 50% manure. Water should be added as well so that the mixture is moist, although you don’t want it to get too wet. You do not want to add the earthworms right away, as the mixture will be too hot at first. It is better to wait around 2 weeks and then add them.

After adding the earthworms, you can start adding kitchen garbage. You don’t want to put out more garbage than they are able to handle, but you should also figure that earthworms are able to eat their weight in kitchen leavings every day. The more earthworms you have, the more garbage you can add. However, if you put out too much garbage the earthworm farms can become acidic which can actually kill the worms.
Earthworms have a large diet. They like paper, vegetables, egg shells, leaves, grass, and a variety of other things.  Some people add cornmeal to their farms in order to encourage the earthworms to get the nutrients that they need so that they can multiply faster.

Because earthworms can multiply quickly and even double their population in 3 months’ time, eventually you will want to redistribute them. This might mean having several earthworm farms. Adding earthworms to your flower bed or starting another compost pile are two ideas that people implement.

Earthworms should smell earthy. If they begin emitting a foul or strong odor that is not very pleasant then you should stop feeding them. It is possible that you have supplied them with too much food. Add more bedding to the pile in order to help even out the bedding to food ratio. You should also turn the bedding over every couple of weeks in order to help the ammonia escape from the bedding.

Amazing Tips on Earthworm Farming

Friday, 3 January 2020

What Do Earthworms Eat And Things that can be harmful to earthworms

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What Do Earthworms Eat

What Do Earthworms Eat And  Things that can be harmful to earthworms.
What Do Earthworms Eat

Earthworms are great for compost piles and for fishing bait but what do earthworms eat? Although many people know that adding earthworms to their soil can help the soil become rich with nutrients, knowing what earthworms actually prefer when it comes to their diets escapes a lot of people. So what do earthworms eat?

In just one single day, an earthworm can consume almost a third of their own body weight. Just two pounds of earthworms are also able to recycle one pound of organic waste in just 24 hours, which makes them ideally suited to compost piles. When the conditions are very good, an earthworm can even recycle their own weight in wastes every 24 hours.

What do earthworms eat? Earthworms eat a variety of things. They get most of their nutrition from organic matter that can be found in the soil. Some things that can provide nutrients to earthworms include fungi, rotifers, nematodes, bacteria, and protozoans. Although these things might not sound appetizing to humans, to an earthworm they are a wealth of vitamins and minerals and make a great meal. That’s not to say that they don’t like a good piece of fruit now and then, however. 

For the most part, the things that earthworms consume are typically things that humans do their best to avoid. Sewage sludge, cow manure, and food waste are all things that earthworms eat and seem to enjoy. Not only that, but sometimes the things that they eat aren’t even food items at all-like paper and cardboard.

If you are keeping an earthworm farm, then keeping their diet in consideration is important. There are some things that earthworms should not be fed, even though it appears as though they will eat just about anything. Things that can be harmful to earthworms are solvents, soaps, chemicals, foils, paint, metals, and plastics. Some of these things are toxic, even to an earthworm, and some are just plain dangerous.
Earthworms should also avoid citrus items such as limes, oranges, grapefruit, and lemons, as well as foods that are very spicy and high in acid content. Garlic cloves and onions are out as well, as are oleanders and other poisonous plants. If you aren’t sure what plants are considered poisonous then you should talk to someone who works at a nursery who can point you in the right direction.

Feeding earthworms is not too difficult. The mix that you give them should be soft and moist so that they can digest it easily. However, it shouldn’t exactly be wet and soggy. It should have the consistency of a muffin.

For the most part, the waste can be taken right from your table and placed into the worm bed without having to do anything special to it. You can mix it together if you want to, however.  Some things that they like that you might not think about adding to their pile are banana peels, coffee grounds, watermelon rinds, and chocolate cake. Hey, an earthworm enjoys a little dessert now and then, too.
Some people prefer blending the waste particles together using a blender. This is up to you. Although it will help speed up the recycling time, it really isn’t necessary. It is important, however, not to give the earthworms too much food or else they won’t be able to eat it all and this can cause problems on down the line. Generally, you want to keep the pile of food about 2 inches high. You don’t need to bury it, either, because the worms will definitely come up and look for it when they smell fresh food on the horizon.

20 Interesting Earthworm Facts You Might Not Have Known
Essential Facts About Earthworm Farms

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Amazing Tips on Earthworm Farming

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Amazing Tips on Earthworm Farming

Tips on Earthworm Farming
Earthworm Farming Tips

Although not the most common of business ventures, earthworm farming can be profitable, as well as interesting. Those who are interested in this subject will want to do some research before they begins, so that they start out on the right foot from the beginning.

Unlike when the old timers started, today you can easily get tips on earthworm farming. One of the first things you will learn is that you cannot just go find worms on a wet sidewalk to start up your earthworm farming enterprise. The reason is that there are many different types of worms. You find worms that burrow in the ground, others that may not reproduce fast enough to be profitable, and there are also some worms that give off a very unpleasant odor.

So how do you go about earthworm farming?

The one thing to keep in mind is that all worms do have in common is that they cannot tolerate dry conditions; plus they need an environment of alkaline pH.
Another consideration is the type of worms you get. For earthworm farming you will need the species of worms known as Red Wigglers. With these worms you will need to feed them, but they reproduce at a very fast rate. With worms that need to be fed, they will be far more likely to stay in the area where they know there will be food, so even if you do not keep these worms in a bucket, they will do well in outdoor compost piles.
To find worms for earthworm farming you can go to a pet shop, or a bait store. When full grown these worms are about 3-inches long. To begin with you will need to purchase at least 200 worms. Another option is to order the worms from companies that will sell them in bulk. The price is more reasonable but they will have to be mailed to you. You can easily find ads in magazines that focus on outdoor activities for companies selling worms in bulk.
The next step is to provide a home for your worms while you are earthworm farming. They will need some type of substance to swim around in. One popular medium is the Canadian Peat Moss; this is a good choice but can be expensive. You an also use shredded cardboard, or sawdust. You can also create a bed out of dirt, which is the least expensive alternative. The best choice is usually to use a combination of the different bed types.
To get the bed ready to accommodate worms, you will want to mix it with manure, add enough that the manure makes up about 50% of the total bed. Add just enough water so that it is moist. After preparing the bed, you will need to let the mixture set for at least two weeks. During that time the mixture will heat up. If you put your worms in before the two weeks is up, the heat will likely kill them. Let it heat up as it settles and mixes, it will then cool. At the end of the waiting period, add the worms and let them work their way into the soil.
To feed your worms all you have to do is add kitchen trash to the bed. Worms will eat everything from potato peels to shredded paper and eggshells. You will just have to be careful not to add more than what they can eat in a day, or it will spoil and kill the worm. A good rule is to add the same weight of garbage as the weight of worms in the bed.
Once you get started, earthworm farming is really a very easy hobby, and if you sell your worms you can also make a good profit.

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Sunday, 29 December 2019

What Happen When Someone Dies in Vast Space

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What Happen When Someone Dies in Vast Space

What Happen When Someone Dies in Vast Space
Someone Dies in Vast Space
Long ago, Neil Armstrong and his companion Buzz Aldrin step on moon in the famous Apollo 11 space flight. It was called “the giant leap for mankind”. Mars 1 has recently started. Any such mission requires months of travelling and then time to stay there. Have you ever thought of the risk they have put their lives into. What if they die in space? A specific memo titled “In Event of Moon Disaster” circulated on internet was based on the backup speech by President Nixon in case of any disaster with the Apollo 11 astronauts. It was never needed ever.
Since then many mission has been sent to space. Many astronauts are stepping on the naked planetary bodies. The request is "How to deal with the dead body if an individual kicks the container in space"? Astronauts go through a tough medical examination before being finally selected. No one has died in space till now. According to NASA, we will try more to prevent any such mishap than to find out ways to handle the mishaps.

Astronaut Mike Massimino in his recent talk to star talk Radio episode reveals the unanswered question. He says there is no official code of conduct by NASA till now for the said issue. However, we practiced a training exercise “death sim.” for this worst case scenario. The purpose of this training is to train astronauts for any such mishaps with one of their colleagues.
It is like a roundtable discussion astronauts do as part of their training session. The purpose is to make them involved in thinking the process of handling any such sad happenings. In this discussion, they think from all possible perspectives and then decide accordingly. In his book, “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth “Chris Hadfield states that it is quite difficult to imagine death sim playing for your own self.
There is some possible solution. One simple solution is to simply throw the corpse out in the space. It is like a burial in the sea. Ahh! It is horrible to imagine. This is however not possible due to UN agreement. A UN agreement “space debris mitigation guidelines” prohibit to dump anything (including dead bodies) in space. The reason behind this agreement is that the dead body might collide to some spaceship or can land on an isolated planet and colonize the human remain or microbes there on its surface.

The plan B is too simple put the dead body in space ship as it is. Well, it can be done but it will adversely affect the mental and physical health of the crew. Spaceships are not inexpensive. A small mausoleum is a million dollar addition.

Plan C is the idea of Body back. It is something really interesting yet shivering to spine. Body back is to pack body in an air tight zipped sleeping bag. The bag is then exposed to a chilling temperature of outer space or by liquid nitrogen (-200°C). The frozen bag is then moved on the board and vibrated at an enormous speed till it smashes. Mercury, water and other metallic substances are removed from it. The final state is about 50 pounds of body dust that can hang outside the spacecraft until it returns to earth. The idea is to plant a “memorial tree” from that dust.
The frozen bag is then moved on the board and vibrated at an enormous speed till it smashes.

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Stress may not be very Friendly. Check out the Health Problems you may encounter.

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Stress may not be very Friendly. Check out the Health Problems you may encounter

Stress may not be very Friendly.
Stress may Not be Very Friendly
Stress may not be very Friendly. Check out the Health Problems you may encounter.

Headache Problem 

Many times you may have noticed a certain headache when you are stressed out or you have to go through tension regarding something big. This is very common with people who take light things heavy on them.
Stress may not be very Friendly
Even running into an old high school friend can be as much stressful. So the thing highlighted over here is that stress can be the cause of not only slight illness but massive diseases too. Well, didn’t see that one coming. Get to know what and how you can end up living a stressful life and what serious damage it can cause.

Wondering why you are getting abnormally fat?
Stress may not be very Friendly
Abnormally Fat

Fat on the belly and around the back can make you look really bad. It doesn’t count being slim from the upper part of your body because you still look fat around the bottom. This happens due to overload of stress and thinking too much about something. Sit back on the couch and relax. Why so serious? The reason why this happens is too much of cortisol hormone production in your body when you take excess stress. The hormone production gets transferred to the abdomen of the body and causes excess fat.

Getting Severe Migraines
Stress may not be very Friendly
Severe migraines

The very first thing any stressful thing triggers is headaches and migraines. Taking things too much on the nerves can become dangerous as it can cause heavy migraines. Getting these quite frequently also ends up in short term memory. You may start forgetting things a lot.

Hold on with your stress as it invites Anxiety & Depression
Stress may not be very Friendly
Anxiety & Depression

Everyone here knows that stress is the major cause of depression and anxiety among people. Who doesn’t know that? Studies show that people who stress over their job and even education have more than 75% risk of emerging into depression and anxiety in a few years. Along with this, your stomach may also face upsetting changes.

Slow down with that Aging
Stress may not be very Friendly

What many people don’t emphasize on is that stress not only can internally change you but it can also bring about tweaks in your physical appearance. You don’t want to look older than your age, right? Taking stress over your work or children’s health can lead mothers and father under high level of stresses which causes unnecessary aging. The aging can be from surplus nine to seventeen years. If this carries on for too long, the person may face premature death too.

Don’t let stress tug your Brain
Stress may not be very Friendly
Alzheimer Disease
Your brain’s condition might become worse with heavy stress. Studies have shown that people who take excess stress might suffer from Alzheimer’s disease which causes additional formation of brain lesions rapidly. Stress reduction can reduce the effect of the disease.

Easy Things to Help Overcome Stress

Stress causing real time health issues needs to be taken down. Read on to the steps that can help you prevent from over stressing yourself.

Keep check on your “Present”

Every time you stress is either due to something you have done in your past or about something that is going to happen in the future. Stop right there. You cannot change situation according to your preferences nor can you time travel to make things right. Live in the moment and be thankful over what you have right now.amazing-moment-6

Stay positive

We always get stressed over the things that we have lost and the things we can’t have. Why do that? It doesn’t bring you any joy thinking of it. Or does it? So be grateful to what you have and think of the happy moments when you feel low. Lean towards the brighter side of life. You comprehend what they state, "if life give you lemons, cut them down the middle and crush them in individuals' eyes".

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